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If dependability and reliability are factors that you rely on, look no more.

We can design, fabricate, install and/or inspect systems for many applications.​

  • Design/build systems

  • Fabrication of materials

  • Install pumps, pipe, valves

  • Inspection of complete work

  • Warranty work

  • Service existing systems

  • General purpose office buildings

  • Education facilities

  • Health care facilities

  • Laboratories

  • Clinical/confidential offices

  • New residential construction

  • Other special purpose areas

Cavalier Fire Protection Services, Virginia
Cavalier Fire Protection Services, Virginia
Cavalier Fire Protection Services, Virginia



All of the needs analyses, cost analyses, design and engineering are performed by our staff with the aid of our computer and CAD technology. We are committed to designing the right solution for you!



We utilize the largest fabricator in the United States, GEMFAB. You can rely on our turnaround time for short-fused projects or delivery anywhere in the United States for that well-planned project.



Cavalier Fire Protection is an Approved Voluntary Recall Participant. We also coordinate with other trades to properly install the system during the rough-in stage -fire pumps, wet pipe, dry pipe, valves, standpipe and sprinkler heads. We cut the drops to ceiling height and do our final testing to ensure everything works perfectly.

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